Watch LeBron’s game-winning layup over the Pacers [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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The only remaining criticism regarding LeBron James seems to be his lack recent clutch shots in the playoffs.

James put that to bed with a game-winning drive to the basket as time expired in Miami’s overtime win over the Indiana Pacers last night.

Indiana somehow decided to not have 7’2″ center Roy Hibbert in the game protecting the paint, and the rest of the Pacers didn’t seem all that interested in playing defense, allowing LeBron to get to the rim uncontested.

It must be noted that he used a move that has Washington Wizards fans cringing as they recall James’ controversial late-game baskets from his days as a Cavalier that featured questionable non-calls on travels.

LeBron went with his bread-and-butter power drive to the hoop in this game, complete with three steps uninterrupted by a dribble, the textbook definition of a travel.

Not to worry, though, NBA commish David Stern presumably is smiling that his league’s top team is one game closer to making it a very watchable NBA Finals.


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