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David Lee Roth made a “trailer” for a Japanese gangster movie that may or may not ever exist, because he can

It’s been another grueling week for anybody trying to follow the news, and you need a break from all that insanity.

Instead, check out this insanity. If you’ve been wondering what DLR has been doing since the reunited Van Halen cut short their world tour last year, here ya go.

There’s no violence in this “trailer,” but be warned that a 57-year old man strips down to a towel for no apparent reason and tries to speak Japanese.

Hat tip to the AV Club, who point out: “For the past year, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has been living in Tokyo, where he’s found time to both date a girl half his age and make a short film in which he plays an assassin.” That beats workin’, baby!

Update: Of course, Roth isn’t the only VH frontman who’s ever dabbled in a bit of filmmaking.

It’s got a good beat, and I can really fight the downfall of Western civilization to it!