Fan on field at Angels-Royals game has jukes for days [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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The Los Angeles Angels hitters might be getting hot, but nobody was hotter at their game last night than a fan that ran onto the field.

In the eighth inning of last night’s Angels-Royals game, a Royals fan got onto the field and set a new bar for the best juke in an on-the-field fan excursion.

Approaching the pitcher’s mound with a Kansas City security guard in hot pursuit, the fan came to an abrupt sliding stop as the security guard flew past him.

The fan then hopped to his feet, snagged the almighty rosin bag and waved it confidently for all to see.

As cheers rained down from the stands and the Angels pitcher smiled his approval, the fan was presumably caught.

Glad we don’t get to see the ultimate takedown of this champ, as our lasting memory can now be of his sweet moves at eluding law enforcement rather than being cornered and captured.

What a move this guy put on. Cheers all around.


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