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Happy Memorial Day weekend. A few links worth noting…

1. Charles Krauthammer: There’s a fly in my soup.

2. Conservative writer Quin Hillyer is exploring a run for Congress.

3. David Brooks notes that “[B]etween 1960 and 2008 individualistic words and phrases increasingly overshadowed communal words and phrases.”

4. Jennifer Rubin: 111 conservative economists are backing immigration reform.

5. John Hawkins polled conservative bloggers to see whom on the right they most admire. (Hint: It ain’t me, babe.)

6. Charles Ramsey will get free burgers for the rest of his life!

7. The Daily Beast: Lawrence Wright: How I Write

8. Roll Call’s Neda Semnani talks with Henry Rollins about the DC Punk Scene: “You try that with a DC punk rock girl and your [ass] would be handed back to you.”

9. WSJ’s Kimberly Strassel: Conservatives Became Targets in 2008

10. Yahoo!: Terry McAuliffe’s brother was once an abortion-clinic-protesting conservative activist.

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