Toronto fan rewards Orioles outfielder’s great catch by throwing a beer at him

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Baltimore outfielder Nate McLouth made a great running catch that took him into the seats in Toronto in last night’s Orioles-Blue Jays game.

Apparently, in instances where a member of the opposing team makes a good play, baseball etiquette in Canada allows fans to toss a full beer at the player from the upper deck.

Or so this idiot fan thought.

After making the great play, McLouth headed back to left field where he was met with a full beer landing right at his feet.

The Orioles were understandably none too pleased at having stuff thrown at them, especially from the upper decks of the stadium.

The nameless fan was shown being escorted out of the game by Toronto security.

Don’t Canadians have a reputation of being obscenely nice and calm?

Maybe Toronto sports fans are still reeling from their Maple Leafs’ epic collapse two weeks ago.

Watch the catch and beer toss here.

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