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Author: Soviet agents subverted US in 1930s

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Syndicated columnist Diana West says the ultimate conclusion of her new book shocked even her.

“Americans have been betrayed … by our leaders going back to FDR’s administration in the 1930s because we were penetrated by Soviet agents to such an extent that our policies and, indeed I argue, our character as a nation was subverted,” she explained in an interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas about her book, “American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.”

“I don’t believe we won World War II,” West added. “I believe that we were actually carrying out Soviet strategy due to this penetration.”

West says that though the United States helped defeat Hitler’s Germany, Joseph Stalin used the war to enlarge the boundaries of his Soviet empire by taking half of Europe.

“You replace Hitler, one monster of totalitarianism, with an even larger totalitarian monster, who killed even more millions of people,” West said.

Diana West American Betrayal

“How do we look at that and say, ‘we won, we’re great. Triumphial.’ It just doesn’t compute. And I think we have again been victimized by a tremendous, in effect, influence campaign.”

West started writing the book, which reads like a thriller, in 2009. Throughout her research of available historical documents, she tried to reconcile her findings with countless footnotes, memoirs, State Department records, out-of-print books, letters and revelations in files from the Venona archive and the Mitrokhin archives that became available after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

According to West, other authors and historians have yet to incorporate “these incredible revelations about traitors in the White House, in the Congress, at the State Department, in OSS, which was the precursor to the CIA, throughout government.”

West says that her integration of historians of the intelligence community and cryptographers, which she says is considered “some boutique academic speciality,” with general historians of World War II and biographies of figures of that war, made her new conclusions possible.

West says her book is a product of simply wanting to know “what happened to America” in an age when logic and reason is so often drowned out by popular narratives.

Another portion of Thomas’ interview with West can be found here. The topic is Benghazi.

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