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Dan Savage wishes cancer on himself this time

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Not advertently, of course. But it’s simple logic, which is beyond him. He’s not smart enough for that.

Here’s Dan Savage, self-styled “anti-bullying advocate,” on Twitter a few weeks ago:

And here’s Dan yesterday, after Lena Dunham tweeted something characteristically stupid about Memorial Day, and then somebody said something mean to her about getting breast cancer:

Any questions? (“Who the hell is Dan Savage?” is perfectly acceptable.)

In a just universe, vindictive hypocrites like Dan Savage wouldn’t repeatedly display the same behavior they condemn in others. In a just universe, they’d realize that it’s not okay just because they’re the ones doing it.

But then again… In such a universe, I’d be out of work! My sincere thanks to Dan Savage and all his equally un-self-aware fellow travelers on the left. If you guys didn’t behave so awfully, and so dependably, I’d have to find a real job. 🙂

By the way, here’s how Dan reacted when he was criticized for wishing cancer on Palin:

But it’s different when somebody’s mean to someone he likes. Because it just is. It’s almost like he’s driven purely by emotions and doesn’t give a moment’s thought to anything he does, beyond coming up with ridiculous justifications after the fact. Odd.

Oh, and this post is homophobic, because Dan is gay and therefore immune from criticism. Be sure to respond accordingly, libs.

Update: Delightful.

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