Watch Paul George drive past LeBron for dunk [VIDEO]

Stuart Dezenhall Contributor
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Even if LeBron James fouling out with under a minute left seems to be the story of the game, Indiana forward Paul George’s dunk was the highlight from last night’s Heat-Pacers contest.

Midway through the first quarter, George drove past James and finished with a two-handed dunk, flying past Heat forward Chris Bosh in the process.

The dunk gave the Pacers an early 14-4 lead in a tight game that Indiana was able to eek out 99-93 at the end.

George and James have gone head to head this series, guarding each other on nearly every possession. Thus far the two have played pretty even basketball and find their teams tied 2-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

While LeBron is getting most of the media coverage, win or lose, George has matched James step for step and deserves a lot more attention for his play this postseason.



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