College students thank IRS for illicitly targeting conservative groups [VIDEO]

Eric Owens | Editor

Almost 50 students at the University of Colorado Boulder voluntarily — sometimes gleefully — signed a huge, fake thank-you card to the Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday. The card expressed gratitude to the IRS for its extensive efforts to target conservative and religious groups for audits and protracted nonprofit-status processing.

A merry conservative prankster named Caleb Bonham is the prime mover behind the YouTube stunt, reports The College Fix. Bonham was active as a College Republican at nearby Colorado State University before graduating in 2011.

The card is a giant piece of white poster board with the words “THANK YOU IRS” emblazoned in block letters. The set piece also reads: “TEA PARTY DESERVE IT”

There’s an image of President Barack Obama at the bottom. He appears to be giving the thumbs-up sign. There are a couple festive balloons for good measure

“We’re sending a giant thank-you letter to the IRS thanking them for targeting the tea party conservative groups,” Bonham explains to his first liberal victim. “You wanna write a quick message?”

“Sure,” says a guy holding a long brown thermos.

With jovial music playing in the background, the video then cuts to several more signatories.

“Yes, because I think it’s a fake scandal and I think it makes sense to prosecute the 501(c)(3)s, or whatever it is,” says a long-haired dude on a bike.

“Oh cool!” responds a guy with a terrible mustache. “I think this is pretty rad,” he then adds as he prepares to sign the poster board.

“I read about that,” says a woman with a sweet leather backpack. “I thought it was pretty funny because the IRS is actually, like, doing the right thing but the wrong thing at the same time. You know what I mean?”

Amazingly, Bonham gets a guy wearing a San Francisco Giants shirt to admit: “I love discrimination.”

He somehow convinces another woman to say, “Support Obama. Target the tea party.”

Bonham told The College Fix that he was unsure how people on the CU-Boulder would react to his fake card. In the end, 45 people signed it. He claims that only two people refused to participate in the hoax.

“This really demonstrates the need for limited government and conservative principles,” Bonham added. “Government using its enforcement arm to target groups. That is tyranny. If students don’t recognize it, then we are in a lot of trouble.”


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