FBI: ‘Multiple high-profile targets’ in ricin attack campaign

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not the only “high-profile” gun control proponent who has been sent ricin, according to a law enforcement source.

FBI agents believe that “multiple high-profile targets” who support gun-control legislation have been targeted over the last week in what they think is a possible ricin mailing campaign.

The source did not name specific people, though the source said these are “targets” who have publicly supported gun control.

According to the source, all of the mailings have been addressed to individuals who have publicly expressed support for gun legislation. The letters include “threatening verbiage” and reference the constitutional right to bear arms. All the letters have postmarks from Shreveport, La. on May 20.

The New York Times reports that threats were included in at least two letters — one sent to Bloomberg and another one to a lobbyist with his gun control campaign.

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