Krauthammer: Obama a ‘fraud,’ ‘Wizard of Oz’ — ‘what he preaches doesn’t work’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Dennis Miller’s radio show on Thursday, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer reacted to what Miller called “the new normal” — lowered expectations for the American economy — calling President Barack Obama a “fraud” and comparing him to “a Wizard of Oz.”

“It is amazing, and there are two parts to that,” Krauthammer said. “The first is, ‘You didn’t build it.’ This is the ideology of, you know, ‘I built the roads, I gave you your grade school.’ And thus, if you invent the iPad, I did it, you didn’t — which is just preposterous. And the other part of this is that liberals measure success in their sort of compassion ratings by the number of people on food stamps, welfare. The larger the number, the more compassionate you are, whereas a conservative says the smaller the number, the more successful the society. This is kind of elementary, nine-year old stuff — it’s not complicated.”

The Washington Post went on to predict the ideology would eventually fail Obama as things unraveled.

“This is the ideology that this wizard, and he is — he has sort of an hypnotic effect on at least the left in the country — has spun over the last four-and-a-half years,” Krauthammer said. “He came in as this sort of messianic guy who was going to reform everything. And his acolytes are so deeply invested in this theology of Obama that they can’t let it go even though, every day, the empirical evidence is that this guy is a fraud; he’s a Wizard of Oz; what he preaches doesn’t work, and it has very little effect. There may be a turn, I think: By the end of his second term, he will be debunked. But it’s taken a hell of a long time.”

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