‘Amnesty Man’ Rubio publicly bashed in Florida

Elizabeth Dorton Contributor
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Floridians for Immigration Enforcement  have erected a billboard attacking Republican Sen. Marco Rubio’s proposed immigration bill along I-75. The billboard largely asserts that  “33 million foreign workers” will be “imported” over the next 10 years.

“When 20 million American citizens and legal workers are unemployed or desperately trying to find full time jobs it is both callous and irresponsible for Florida Senator Marco Rubio to sponsor an immigration bill that will flood the labor market with 33 million foreign workers over the next ten years,” said a statement from the organization’s Legislative Director, Jack Oliver.

The billboard displays Rubio’s contact information and encourages opponents to protest his support for the Senate’s ‘Gang of Eight’ bill.

Supporters of the bill say it will boost the economy’s size and productivity. For example, the Evangelical Immigration Table, a group of pastors, has also put up a billboard that reads, “Praying for Immigrants. Praying for Congress.”

The pastors are also funding a radio campaign in support for the bill, which would legalize millions of illegal immigrants and could bring in roughly 30 million immigrants during the next decade.

“The 33 million additional green cards is a very conservative estimate of the future impact on the US labor market,” said Oliver’s statement, which is posted on the group’s website.

“This bill is Armageddon for the American workforce…I predict that no politician who votes for the Senate immigration bill will ever be elected to higher office,” said the statement. Oliver went on to say that he sees Rubio’s backing of the bill as a “complete betrayal of the solemn promise” the senator made to the group in a private 20o9 meeting.