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Liberal Gun Logic: It’s OK to disrespect women

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By Mike Sweeney

Have you ever noticed the dichotomy that is the modern liberal in terms of their blatant disrespect for women?

It’s usually subliminal, but it’s definitely there, you just have to know how to listen for it.

As an example, recently on Fox News Megyn Kelly was discussing the story about a woman from Oregon who called 911 as she was about to be attacked (again) by an ex-boyfriend.  When she got 911 on the line she was told that due to budget cuts no help was available.  This was followed by the 911 dispatcher asking the caller if she could ask the attacker to “go away.”  That was the scope of the help available from the government in that particular Oregon county.  Unfortunately for the caller she was severely beaten, choked, and brutally raped.

Even though this heinous crime happened in August 2012 it’s just now making the news as the 911 call recording was only recently released.

The recording and the facts surrounding the crime and what could have prevented it made for a debate on the previously mentioned Megyn Kelly show.

As usual Megyn had a commentator from each side of the political spectrum, a conservative pro-gun woman named Monica Crowley and a liberal pro-control woman named Sally Kohn.

The debate followed some interesting and predictable paths, the conservative Crowley lamenting the fact that the victim didn’t have a gun for self-protection and the liberal Kohn lamenting the fact that government wasn’t big enough to protect her.

As this argument was heating up I said to my co-worker Angi, “Wait for it, Kohn is going to say if the victim had a gun it would have been used against her.”

Sure enough, when Kohn’s turn to speak came up, she stumbled about something then fell back on the well worn and oft used line “If the victim had a gun it would probably have been used to kill her.”  She then went on to spout off some factoid about homicides in which a gun is used to murder females.  I’m pretty certain that she made it up as she went along.

Raising my hands victoriously I said, “There it is, the same old argument.”

It led to an interesting train of thought though, but first some background.

(Time to admit something here)  I’m close to 50 years old, my mom, God bless her soul, was a first generation feminist, very liberal and most definitely a product of the 60s.  As a child I vividly remember seeing copies of books like “Our Bodies Ourselves” and other assorted reading material along the same lines lying about the house.  Marches, bras burning, and all sorts of “60s activities” happened in my house, (if you lived it you know what I mean).

You could say that by my upbringing I not only have a healthy respect for women, but for the capabilities of females in general.

This is where the thought train got interesting and the “liberal logic” train completely derails.

The statement by Kohn, followed by the false statistics was, at best, a slap in the face to every female.  That dripping sound you hear, that’s irony.

Kohn stating that the victim being armed with a gun would have ultimately led to her death by the same is a huge insult, does she really think that little of the capabilities of females?

(This is where the liberal logic train completely comes off the tracks)

This women, who makes a living championing liberal causes, the cornerstone of which are most often women’s rights issues just claimed on national TV that she thought women are incapable of defending themselves with a firearm.

Follow the “logic” train here and watch it derail:

According to Kohn women are too weak to fend off an attacker with a gun; does this mean that she thinks they are all literally weaklings?  I wonder how she feels about women working for Fed Ex or working construction?  I bet she’s for it.

According to Kohn women aren’t capable of being trained to use firearms properly; I wonder how she feels about women in the military in combat?  I bet she’s for it.

According to Kohn women are much better off being disarmed and submitting to rape, letting attackers and violent criminals have their way, “if it saves just one life!”  The fact is that if more women were armed and trained in the use of firearms there would be fewer victims.  I defy anyone to prove otherwise.

It never ceases to amaze me how anti gun liberals will let their overt dislike for firearms and our Second Amendment Civil Rights make them look like idiots and hypocrites.  The crowd which has over the decades weaponized the term “Pro-Choice” in order to derail a long line of conservative candidates has at the same time lost all touch of what and how the “choice” should apply to.

Apparently in liberal fantasy world a woman should have no choice when it comes to their own self-defense and that is just plain wrong.  Being a woman who champions liberal causes and at the same time disrespects the capabilities of women is even more so.


Mike Sweeney is a Massachusetts based gun writer.