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Hey, remember AttackWatch.com?

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Now that even a few low-information voters are starting to hear vague rumors that Obama might be a little, y’know, paranoid and vindictive and dishonest and stuff, it seems like a good time to revisit this classic from Misfit Politics:

This was made two years ago, back when we were called paranoid for pointing out what the Obama administration was doing, right out in the open. What Obama has done, consistently, since he first announced his candidacy for president. As John Hayward at RedState puts it:

This is an age of official paranoia, in which the President and his apologists routinely declare dissenters beyond the pale, claiming they have no legitimate motivations beyond greed and racism.

I just hope more people are starting to see that. I hope they see how far this administration is willing to go in order to repress dissent and discourage free speech. Assuming everybody can tear themselves away from The Voice or Hell’s Kitchen or whatever.

By the way, after AttackWatch.com was mocked so mercilessly and effectively, it was shelved temporarily and the Twitter feed was shut down. Now, that URL redirects to this:


Same crap, shinier package. The Obama administration in a nutshell.

Update: This, from August ’08, was when I realized Obama wasn’t just a bad candidate, but a bad person.