Goodlatte: ‘Fair to say’ House committee investigating Holder for perjury

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Sunday’s edition of “Fox News Sunday,” Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte confirmed that the House Judiciary Committee was looking into the possibility Attorney General Eric Holder may have perjured himself when he denied knowledge of a Justice Department probe into Fox News Channel reporter James Rosen.

But he also cautioned that Holder should be given the opportunity to respond to questions the House panel had about his conflicting statements.

“Yes, it is fair to say we’re investigating the conflict in his remarks. Those remarks were made under oath,” Goodlatte said. “But we also think it’s very important that the attorney general be afforded the opportunity to respond, so we will wait to pass judgment on that until we receive his response.”

However, the Virginia Republican did underscore the seriousness of the Justice Department’s probe of Rosen and its subsequent reactions.

“This is a very, very serious allegation and the Justice Department I think made the problem worse by claiming that, because they were not prosecuting him, there was no false information given,” Goodlatte added.

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