Judge Jeanine: ‘Eric Holder should be indicted’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On her Saturday night Fox News Channel program, “Justice” host Jeanine Pirro said that embattled Attorney General Eric Holder “should be indicted.”

According to Pirro, the scandals surrounding Holder are a stain on the U.S. Department of Justice. Holder should lose his job as the department’s head, Pirro said, but she doubts that will happen under President Barack Obama’s direction.

“It is the citadel of justice in America,” Pirro said. “It commands respect, not because of its enormous power, but because of its reverence for the law, because its integrity is supposed to be unimpeachable, beyond the political winds of Washington and because of its fairness in all matters of truth and justice. It is the United States Department of Justice. And he is the head — the top law enforcement officer in the country. And this week, fury as more facts come out regarding the attorney general’s personal role in what many regard as an unprecedented intrusion on the freedom of the press. Criticisms from both sides of the aisle, calls for his resignation, his impeachment, his firing.”

“So should Eric Holder resign?” Pirro continued. “It’s probably not going to happen. Should he be fired? The president says it’s not going to happen.”

Pirro warned that administration officials routinely escape punishment for their involvement in the administration’s scandals, but called for Holder’s indictment.

“We already know that the Obama administration promotes and rewards those in lockstep with them, like Susan Rice and her videotape vignette, Victoria Nuland, and those pesky Benghazi talking points, and Lois Lerner — that IRS queen — who admittedly doesn’t much know about math but another truth-twister who’s taking a summer vacation, folks, on our dime because the White House won’t go through the trouble of firing her,” Pirro said. “Actually, only the little people get fired or demoted like Greg Hicks, the man who desperately called for military backup in Benghazi. So what should happen to Holder? I have an idea. Eric Holder should be indicted.”

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