This week’s most salacious teacher-student sex stories [VIDEO]

Eric Owens | Editor

The national epidemic of teacher-student sex stories marches on unabated. Any given week is sure to end with several stories, but some are far more intriguing than others.

This week, the sexual proclivities and travails of two teachers are worthy of your precious, valuable time.

A science teacher at a Catholic high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been charged with having sexual contact with a 14-year-old boy and a 15-year-old boy on separate occasions during a frisky seven-day span.

The unnamed boys were friends, reports Wisconsin radio station WTMJ, and the teacher, Megan Garland, began discreetly taking them to school regularly in her car.

The sexual escapades allegedly occurred between May 17 and May 23. First, an unidentified adult busted Garland, 28, and the 14-year-old in her car in the parking lot of a different local high school. The car was steamy and rocking to and fro. She was performing an unspecified sexual act on the boy.

Later, the 15-year-old boy (who was also a student in Garland’s science class) informed police that he had asked the teacher for a ride home on May 17. On the way, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, she allegedly stuck her hand down his pants and groped him.

Garland injured herself in an unsuccessful suicide attempt, apparently when she and the the 14-year-old were caught in flagrante in her car. She has been hospitalized as a result, notes local ABC affiliate WISN.

The two sexual assault charges pending against Garland carry potentially steep penalties. If convicted, she could face up to 40 years in prison on each charge and a fine as high as $100,000.

Meanwhile, in the sprawling suburbs of Houston, Texas, an English teacher faces criminal charges after allegedly carrying on a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student.

The months-long tryst between Hastings High School teacher Kelly Ann Garcia, 29, and the unnamed student became sexual over spring break in March, reports Houston CBS-affiliate KHOU.

There were sexual encounters, frequently at Garcia’s apartment. On one occasion, the star-crossed lovers visited Katz Boutique and Sex Shop and purchased a sex toy.

Things went south for the relationship after the student bragged about it to her peers. She later admitted the romance to the high school’s assistant principal.

The teen’s father also caught the two together at a park as recently as May 21. Garcia hastily exited the scene when the displeased dad attempted to confront her.

Garcia was eventually arrested and faces criminal charges.

KHOU reporter Drew Karedes and his trusty cameramen ambushed Garcia immediately as she left jail after posting a $60,000 bond. 

They chased the teacher down the street in downtown Houston in a clip seen on KHOU. Karedes asked questions; the cameraman couldn’t keep the camera from shaking.

“Did it ever occur to you that you might get caught?” asked Karedes in mid-jog. Garcia tried to run faster but the news team pursued her — apparently for a few blocks — until they eventually cornered Garcia.

Out of breath, Garcia pleaded to be left alone. The reporter ignored her and badgered her some more.

In the final scene, Garcia is seen running down an empty street, at last unmolested.


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