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Not All Muslims torment puppy in Afghanistan, who is rescued by U.S. soldier

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I missed this story last week, but better late than never. This might anger even the people who are unmoved by human beings getting blown to bits by Islamic terrorists just for attending the Boston Marathon.

The Daily Mail:

Staff Sergeant Nick B first met Bodhi, an Afghan herding dog, while on patrol in an Afghanistan village with his unit.

The severely malnourished puppy was tied up and covered in mud. His ears and half his tail had been brutally hacked off.

‘They were going to use him to fight other dogs as entertainment,’ 13-year army veteran Nick told CNN…

The first hurdle for Nick came in persuading the owners to part with their dog, leading to negotiations and ultimately a trade-off with packs of cigarettes.

With the help of the Puppy Rescue Mission Bodhi was carefully transported through Taliban-controlled territory and out of the country to the U.S…

A delighted-looking Bodhi was reunited with his new-best-friend in Pensacola, Florida.


I’m not sure how being good to animals is somehow inconsistent with being tough. After all, these guys serve our country to protect innocents from those who would do them harm. They’re not as tough as the people sitting in all our newsrooms, sure, but…

No word yet on how well Bodhi’s original owner can throw a football, but at least he got some cigarettes out of the deal. I hope that bastard falls off a cliff, dies slowly of internal bleeding, and gets eaten by his own tormented dogs.

By way of contrast, here’s a dog in Egypt who wasn’t so lucky. Who didn’t have a Nick B to help him.

WARNING: This is very graphic footage of a dog being thrown off a roof. For fun. They recorded it so they could watch it later and show the world what a great thing they’d done. If that’s not something you need to see, don’t watch it.


Here’s the part where you call me a racist. Go ahead, I don’t care. This is the culture we’re supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate. This is the culture we’re not supposed to name, or we’re bigots.

Because remember:

(Hat tip: LOTL Rescue)

P.S. Al-Qaeda chief in Yemen to Americans: Attacks on US cannot be stopped.

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