Pee on the field gets player fined [VIDEO]

Paxton Delany Contributor
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Russell Packer, a professional rugby player, felt the call of nature during a match, so he listened.

In the video, you can see Packer in an open stance, peeing down the side of his shorts. When he’s done, he shakes his shorts out.

Not convinced? Packer later tweeted out, “Good win when u gotta go u gotta go lol.”


His team was later fined $15,000 by the National Rugby League.

Packer later apologised, “Hey guys just a quick apology to you and your family regarding my accident last night it has offended some which i am sorry,” he wrote.

“It was an unfortunate thing that happened i hope this apology eases your mind somewhat and helps you move on from it as i will be doing thanks russ.”

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