Rep. Mike Kelly: ‘It is only when we fear the government that we lose’

Eva Cover Contributor
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Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) delivered an impassioned speech on the role of government and applauded the efforts of conservative witnesses unjustly targeted by the Internal Revenue Service during Tuesday’s House hearings.

“Spread the word to the rest of the American public: do not be afraid of this government,” urged Kelly. “It is only when we fear the government that we lose. This is a government that is supposed to serve the people. The people are not supposed to serve it.”

Kelly also addressed the root of the IRS scandal.

“This is not just a problem in Cincinnati,” he said. “This is a problem that’s deep in the bowels of this government. And if there’s some point that we cannot stop this culture of fear, this government-sponsored fear, then we are really coming up short on what the oath is that we took.”

“We took an oath of office not to defend the rights of Republicans, or Democrats, or libertarians or just those who just want to live here and be left alone. We took an oath to defend our constitution,” he added.

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