Senator slams Eric Holder, calling his confirmation ‘the worst vote I ever took in the U.S. Senate’

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) called his vote to confirm Attorney General Eric Holder “the worst vote I ever took in the U.S. Senate” on The Laura Ingraham Show this morning, adding that the best letter he wrote was the one asking Holder to resign after the Fast and Furious scandal.

The senator also appeared on On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to further criticize Holder’s judgement.

“I think he’s been partisan in the way he’s made judgments,” Isakson said. “I don’t think he’s done a good job for the people. I don’t think he’s served the president well.”

Isakson voted for Holder’s confirmation after he interviewed Holder about Second Amendment issues and took a recommendation from former attorney general Griffin Bell “at face value.”

The Fast and Furious scandal, along with Holder’s failure to prosecute voter intimidation in Philadelphia and signing off the search warrant for Fox News correspondent James Rosen, however, quickly changed Isakson’s mind. He became the first senator to call for Holder’s resignation, joining the ranks of 52 other members of Congress.

Although Isakson said he hasn’t heard Democrats privately agreeing Holder should resign, he believes the backlash will force the the White House’s hand.

“Something is going to come to a head,” he said. “This is very serious business.”


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