Is Katie Couric losing her edge?

Maggie Lit Contributor
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Tensions abound at ABC as Katie Couric’s show titled “Katie” struggles to survive through harsh criticisms and flatlining viewer interest.

An inside source told Fox News that there is zero chance the show will host a third season. Many had hoped that Couric’s show would resemble the success of Oprah, the queen bee of talk show hosts. When it first started airing that looked to be the case, appearing number one in the rankings. A year later, the show’s viewers dropped 30 percent and producers are starting to look for possible replacements.

“[Staff] are desperately running around approaching talent and offering to train them to replace her as a new daytime talk show host,” a source told Fox News.  “It’s a number-one priority.”

According to Fox News, a studio executive attributes the show’s failures to Couric’s “dreadfully boring” engagement with audience members. The show’s producers and executives are frustrated with Couric’s disregard for the staff and her insistence on interviewing exclusively “Ivy League-type guests.”

“Katie isn’t having a good time and she can be extremely difficult to work with,” an industry counterpart told Fox.

Many people, including crisis communications and PR expert Glenn Selig, believe that Couric’s career prospects aren’t over but better suited for more traditional news, which is where she attributes much of her successes.

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