Mother of Benghazi victim calls Rice ‘proven liar’ [VIDEO]

Laurel Contributor
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Pat Smith, the mother of a State Department official killed in the Benghazi terror attack, had no kind words for President Obama’s appointment of Susan Rice as national security adviser.

“I don’t understand why Obama would want a proven liar to be a security adviser,” Smith said Wednesday on Sean Hannity’s Fox television show. “That makes no sense to me at all.”

Hannity asked what she would say to Obama if she had the chance to speak with him alone.

“I’d like to say, please, just listen to the American people. Don’t listen to whoever it is who is advising you. I don’t know who is advising you, I don’t know who you are listening to, but it’s wrong,” Smith said.

Smith also recounted her son’s security concerns before attack. “I’m very worried, I’ve asked for help, I’ve asked for security, and all they’ve done is turned me down,” he told her.

His mother lamented that “I know that he didn’t get the security he asked for.”

Nine months later, Smith is still waiting for answers.

She is convinced that Hillary Clinton, then the secretary of state, is responsible for her son’s death.

“I don’t care if she doesn’t admit it,” Smith continued. “She was in charge.”

Smith also attacked the Obama administration for not paying for her to attend her son’s award ceremony May 3. The State Department told her that it would not pay to send her because she was “not part of the immediate family.”

“I have that in writing!” Smith proclaimed. “I guess I was not entitled to know.”

Hannity paid for Smith to attend the ceremony for her son, Sean Smith, where he and other victims killed in the Benghazi attacks were posthumously awarded the Thomas Jefferson Star for Foreign Service.

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