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NYC mayoral candidates get rise out of Weiner

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Now that Anthony Weiner is finally back in campaign mode, the question is how he’ll respond to his opponents bringing up his minor indiscretions from a few years back. Will he go hard? Or fall back limp?

New York Post (of course!):

Anthony Weiner last night showed he’s ready to fight back against anyone who dares bring up his sexting exploits — lashing out at fellow Democrats during a Brooklyn candidates event.

His blasts came at the New Kings Democrats mayoral candidate screening, when District Leader Chris Owens told the disgraced ex-congressman, “I have a three-word question: How dare you?”

“I am outraged and disgusted by you,” Owens went on…

“I appreciate the question Chris,” Weiner said. “And I know some people may feel that way.

“I think it might be influenced in part . . . [because] I supported Yvette Clarke over you when you ran for Congress [in 2006…]”

Weiner kept up the heat after a question from a Bill deBlasio supporter, who asked him about losing the public’s trust due to the scandal, and then pointedly demanded to know how the candidate could possibly oversee a school system that would fire teachers for conduct like his own.

Weiner testily shot back, “If you believe that my personal failings disqualify me, then don’t vote for me. I’m going to win this election and I’m going to govern this city really well.”

Absolutely! I can’t think of anything better than the Big Apple getting its own little serpent. And I think I speak for anyone whose job involves coming up with headlines.

Plus, I don’t particularly care for New York City — sorry, guys! — and a Weiner administration would be such a huge disaster that I’m already starting to feel some preliminary schadenfreude.

Say it with me: We want Weiner! We want Weiner! We want Weiner! We want Weiner!

Come on, you guys, why aren’t you chanting with me? We want Weiner! We want…

Guys? What’s up?