The NSA Squirrel!

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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King of the Squirrels: Has the White House hit on the perfect scandal for the President? The NSA snooping revelations create a huge fuss that distracts the press and prevents the public (especially conservatives) from learning the grueseome details of the 1000 page Schumer-Rubio immigration disaster now on the Senate floor –yet doesn’t hurt Obama’s approval ratings like the IRS scandal does. It may even be helping them. … Who gave Glenn Greenwald that scoop anyway? [Update: This guy-ed Recalculating …]  I question the timing! …

The only way the White House could blow this advantage is by having Obama throw the prestige of his presidency behind Schumer-Rubio’s legalization, appealing for its passage with his trademarked eloquence–a technique that has worked never.**  But his aides are much, much too smart for … huh.


**–When Obama has won major legislative battles, it’s been because Democrats had an overwhelming legislative majority(60 votes in the Senate–Obamacare) or because Obama had an unassailable strategic advantage (e.g., the fiscal cliff, when taxes were going to go up anyway if Congress did nothing). It didn’t happen because Obama sold voters on a plan–something both Clinton and Reagan at least occasionally succeeded in doing.

Mickey Kaus