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OBAMA: Oppressive Bureaucracy Always Monitoring Americans

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Thanks to Glenn Reynolds for pointing out this terrific repurposing of Shepard Fairey’s (in)famous “Hope” poster, courtesy of a German site called Nerdcore:


Click the image to expand it to full size. It took a German to do the job Americans won’t do: Calling a Democrat POTUS on his bull$#!+.

Here’s the Google translation of the page, which is mostly in German.

Today I read a lot of things to monitor monster PRISM, today, on 64th Birthday of George Orwell’s 1984 (!), on 8 June 1949 was published for the first time. And because I now had plenty of time because thanks to a major failure at Host Europe, the site was down, I have Shepard Fairy ‘s Obama poster for the 2013 update.

I didn’t realize it was the anniversary of the publishing of 1984. How perfect.

Read the whole thing. I don’t know the author’s name, and the Google translation isn’t perfect because it’s Google Translate, but he’s got a bunch of good links. It’s kind of fun, using Google’s own technology against them and their favorite president ever.

All this stuff is happening so fast that it’s tough to keep it all straight. It’s a #scandalanche, man. I keep hearing rumblings that this is some sort of strategy on the Obama regime’s part, that they’re trying to over-scandal us into a state of numbness. I don’t think that’s it. This administration is unprecedentedly corrupt, and the dam has burst. It’s completely out of their control. And this is only the beginning.

It’s just like we’ve been saying ever since Obama stepped onto the national stage. Hey, my conscience is clear. After all:

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