Throwback: Watch the horrifying 1955 Le Mans racing disaster in slow motion [VIDEO]

Paxton Delany Contributor
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On this day in 1955, the world’s worst racing disaster took place.

The accident, which launched a Mercedes car into the air, killed 83 spectators and the driver, Pierre Levegh.

These videos — once hidden from the public — show the disaster unfold.

Blame was put on the track which had insufficient protection for the spectators. Don’t worry though, today those spectating walls stand  firm and have an attached chain link fence.

People still get killed all the time at race track events but lucky not compared to this.

Watch The Disaster

Watch Slow-mo version


  1. Sit up high—The best seats are up high. They give you a better view and keep your far from the debris.
  2. Don’t linger by the fence—The speed and thrill of the cars as they are racing by makes it tempting to linger as your favorite driver races around the track. But you could also put yourself in harm’s way. And at most tracks it is against the rules
  3. Watch your alcohol consumption—Drinking too much while you are at the race will cause you to be less likely to make sound decisions and have good judgment. Drink responsibly.
  4. Watch the weather—If there are storms in the area seek shelter under a sturdy roof or in your car.
Paxton Delany