Carl Cannon on the evolving state of journalism (and baseball)

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Carl Cannon, the respected journalist, author, and Washington Editor of RealClearPolitics, sat down with me recently to talk about the evolving nature of political journalism. You can listen below (or download the podcast on iTunes.)

We discussed why baseball is like life and politics, why nobody remembers George W. Bush’s terrific D-Day anniversary speech, and how the media misquoted Calvin Coolidge’s “the business of America is business” line. And we discussed why people mistakenly assume his father, famed Reagan biographer Lou Cannon, is a Republican (he’s not — just a fair reporter.)

Asked about whether or not editorial standards have loosened in the blog era, Cannon said that famed blogger Andrew Sullivan, “should have been drummed out of journalism…should have been drummed out of polite society,” for alleging that Trig Palin wasn’t Sarah Palin’s baby.

If you’re at all interested in journalism, this is a must-listen podcast. Trust me on this one. “I was there, and this is no shit.” 

Matt K. Lewis