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Germany to Spymaster-in-Chief Obama: You are on some Eastern Bloc $#!+ right now

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Dude? When Germany is telling you to knock it off? Maybe you should listen. I know you won’t, but you should.


German outrage over a U.S. Internet spying program has broken out ahead of a visit by Barack Obama, with ministers demanding the president provide a full explanation when he lands in Berlin next week and one official likening the tactics to those of the East German Stasi.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman has said she will raise the issue with Obama in talks next Wednesday, potentially casting a cloud over a visit that was designed to celebrate U.S.-German ties on the 50th anniversary John F. Kennedy’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech.

Government surveillance is an extremely sensitive topic in Germany, where memories of the dreaded Stasi secret police and its extensive network of informants are still fresh in the minds of many citizens.

Yeah, Barry will need to update that classic speech a bit: “Ich bin ein Faschist Soziopath.”

Am I the only one who was reminded of the Stasi when the White House started telling us to inform on your fellow Americans who say things that “seem fishy”? Four years ago, you would’ve been called paranoid for likening that to the Stasi. Today, you’d have to be a partisan idiot not to be reminded of totalitarian Cold War tactics.

The Germans lived through this crap. They know the destruction it wreaks on a society. They know how wrong it is. How evil it is.

Danke, Freunde. Lassen Sie sich nicht Präsident Barack Obama weg mit seinem Fehlverhalten.

We’re doing our part over here.

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Jim Treacher