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Sen. Jeff Sessions: Senators turned immigration reform over to secret meetings, special interest groups

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, in an exclusive interview to be broadcast on The Daily Caller on Monday, savages the comprehensive immigration bill currently being debated by Congress.

Sessions, in his measured Alabama drawl, argued that being against the “Gang of Eight’s” proposed bill does not mean that he is against immigrants or against immigration, but rather that he is against this bill on its merits, and that the bill, upon closer inspection, is more akin to shoe leather than steak.

“People want to vote for a bill that fixes immigration,” Sessions told TheDC. “They want so desperately to have that to happen. … The error was that a group of Senators basically turned this over to secret meetings and special interest groups and they didn’t understand the bill fully either.”

Sessions believes that the bill is too fluid and too vacuous — especially when it comes to the numbers of people that provisions in the bill will affect and how many “new” citizens will be created.

“The sponsor’s of the bill either don’t know or wont say,” Sessions said.

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