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Sessions: Special interests behind immigration bill ‘not in touch with the real people’ [VIDEO]

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Republican Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions calls the special interests behind the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill “masters of the universe.”

“They’re in the glass towers and Wall Street, and they make money by the hundreds of millions of dollars,” Sessions, who serves as the ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, explained to The Daily Caller.

“You’ve got the gurus at the high-tech community. You’ve got the clever, serious agri-business, the meat packers and people like that who want lower cost labor and plenty of it, and don’t want to see wages have to go up to get that labor,” he said. “But they’re not talking for the American people.”

“They think they know everything,” Sessions, who has emerged as the chief opponent of the Gang of Eight bill, continued. “But they’re not in touch with the real people and how the system works in America.”

Sessions also criticized the bill’s size and the way it was crafted.

“It’s like the health care, Obamacare, in that it’s a huge bill, very complex with all kinds of exceptions, provided for, and subsection thus and so,” he said.

“It’s most similar to the 2007 immigration bill. Very much like this. A small group of people met in secret, special interests. American people not involved. Nobody really representing the average working American. They weren’t in the room. But you had the La Raza there, the Chamber of Commerce there. You had the ag growers and the meat packers, and the unions and that kind of thing going on. The Immigration Lawyers Association was there. And as a result, the bill comes out not doing at all what its sponsors say at a fundamental level.”

A conservative stalwart, Sessions is expected to seek a fourth term in the U.S. Senate in 2014.

In a previous segment of the interview, Sessions discussed how members of Congress seem not to read large bills.

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