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7 conservative message t-shirts that are actually cool

Sunny Lohmann Contributor
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If you are like me, you are young (sort of) and hip and you only wear t-shirts that are cool. Otherwise, you don’t wear them.

If you are not like me, don’t worry, you will up your hip factor by following my lead on this. Just trust me, and not in the government “just trust me” way, but in the cute girl in charge of your makeover way.

Let’s face it, since The Left owns the culture, they also own most of the cool t-shirts. I would gladly wear more message t-shirts, but unfortunately, my message is not “Eat the Rich” or “Communism is Awesome,” so I’m stuck with this sort of thing:

Once in a while I see a message t-shirt I can appreciate. It’s not just design, it’s message and, not unimportantly, it’s the t-shirt fabric and shape, especially for women.

Here are some right-sided message t-shirts I’ve found that I think are actually cool.

I like this Mr. Right t-shirt for its simple design, elegance, and humorous twist. We need a female version, but if you’re a right-wing guy, you will look great in this and it might even get you a few dates.

This next one is for guys or gals. I’ve seen people wearing this and they look pretty cool. I’m not usually into meme rehashing ad nauseum, such as the all too ubiquitous Keep Calm Carry On meme, but there’s something about this shirt that’s just good. I got my dad one for Father’s Day.

This shirt is cool for one reason: it’s message. The statement is so bold and simple and proud. I am an American Capitalist. Every time I wear this shirt I get stares and lots of questions. It’s not partisan, so people are generally curious and deep down they know they would have to be against America to be against this shirt, a place even many Lefty brains won’t go.

American Capitalis

The American flag is not cheesy, but lots of American Flag t-shirts are. I like this one because it’s understated but also because it’s printed on nice soft cotton fitted American Apparel t-shirt, so it doesn’t look like a potato sack.

Ladies, this one’s for you. (Guys, unless you’re gay, don’t wear this – trust me.) I wear mine even though I’m not a Republican, because today’s Republicans are just Democrats, but I like the whimsical, colorful design. It makes the GOP look happy and young, yet that elephant means business, which is exactly as it should be (but isn’t in real life).

If you are a man under the age of 40 be my guest and wear this shirt. It’s funny, and anti-hipster. Even if you are a hipster it will look good because it will make you even more ironically ironic. But this shirt is best if you’re ex-military and have lots of muscles. (Send me pics!)

This well designed shirt has a good, non-partisan, American freedom message and it has an eagle too.


Sunny Lohmann