No, the Democratic National Convention didn’t lose a single laptop worth $75,000

Elizabeth Dorton Contributor

The organizers behind the 2012 Democratic National Convention never told police that they had lost 41 items worth a total of $500,000 — or even a single laptop worth $75,537 — according to the legal counsel representing the convention’s host committee.

That lawyer, Joseph E. Sandler, told The Daily Caller Monday that a Friday report by ABC News entitled, “Democratic Convention Organizers Claim $500K of Lost Electronics” was “totally and completely inaccurate.”

The Democratic National Committee’s convention was held in Charlotte, North Carolina from September 3 through September 6, 2012.

The ABC News article relied on a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department incident report that appeared to show the conference’s organizers claiming astronomically-inflated values for individual lost items.

“A reportedly stolen 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop? $75,537. The price listed on the Apple website is $1,199. A lost iPhone? $30,503. A lost Blackberry? $54,250,” ABC News wrote, claiming the document revealed “41 missing electronics.”

“In fact 841 items were reported missing,” Sandler clarified to TheDC, sending along the list of the devices that he says was originally sent to police.

The police document indicates that law enforcement was notified about the missing items on May 10, 2013 — eight months after the convention was held — by the DNC’s deputy in-house counsel, Kenneth Hardy.

A comparison of the police report and the list provided to TheDC by Sandler reveals that instead of a single missing 13″ 2.4ghz MacBook Pro worth $75,537, for instance, the DNC actually lost 63 units of that model laptop — worth $75,537 in total.

The lost iPhone worth $30,503? Actually 47 iPhone 4S 16 GB model phones.

The lost Blackberry worth $54,250? Actually 217 BlackBerry Bold model phones.

Sandler explained that the DNC will be seeking insurance payments to make up for the losses.

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Editor’s note: TheDC took down an earlier report summarizing ABC News’s report.