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Jon Gabriel Contributor
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Since Jim Treacher is away, I decided to sneak aboard the DC Trawler. You might know me as ExJon on Twitter, read my blog posts, or enjoyed my antics in your local police blotter. For the rest of you, a brief bio is in order. Ahem:

Feared by men and adored by women, Jon Gabriel is famed for his humility. When he’s not writing about politics at FreedomWorks.org and Ricochet.com, he’s a marketing and graphic design consultant. (Hire him!)

Until last year, he served as Director of Marketing for the free-market Goldwater Institute in his hometown of Phoenix, Ariz. In the private sector, Jon led marketing efforts for Cold Stone Creamery, Honeywell, and several technology companies. His criminal record is sealed.

Jon is a summa cum laude graduate of top-ranked party school Arizona State University (the Harvard of the West) and is a former submarine reactor operator for the U.S. Navy. When not obsessing about the news, he obsesses about the Green Bay Packers, pour-over coffee and indie rock. He has the strength of 10 men and flosses regularly.

Thanks to Jim and the lax security for allowing me aboard!

Jon Gabriel