Ayers: Obama gets a ‘failing grade’ as president

Gabe Finger Contributor
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President Barack Obama deserves a “failing grade,” former Weather Underground terrorist leader Bill Ayers told RealClearPolitics Tuesday.

Ayers, who has long been rumored to have helped Obama write his memoir “Dreams From My Father,” was asked to assess the president strictly on his policies and politics.

“I’d give him a failing grade,” Ayers said, “But you have to compare that to the grades I gave all the other presidents of my lifetime,” which are all Fs “and some F-minuses.”

Ayers said Obama is “absolutely” involved in terrorist activities with his drone campaign and that Obama, along with “every president of this century,” should “absolutely” be tried for war crimes for their “acts of terror.”

“Every one of them goes into office, an office dripping with blood, and then adds to it,” he said.

Watch the full conversation here via RealClearPolitics.

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