3 cell phone service employees fired after O’Keefe ‘Obamaphone’ video

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Three cell phone service employees have been fired after they were caught on camera handing charity phones to people who claimed they would turn around and sell them.

Project Veritas, led by conservative activist James O’Keefe, released video on Tuesday showing the workers giving free phones to people wearing undercover cameras, despite the applicants’ claims that they would sell the phones for drugs and spending money.

As a result of the ensuing media coverage, Stand Up Wireless — the company featured in the film — has fired three of its employees.

“Earlier today Stand Up Wireless was provided with access to a video showing team members falling short of company standards,” the company said in a statement obtained by The Daily Caller. “In response, all team members involved have been disciplined and three have been terminated. All customer-facing team members are receiving additional training.”

“It is not company policy, nor is it beneficial for the company in any way, for our customers to sell their phones,” the statement said.

The free phone program in question is the LifeLineConnects program, which is funded by a surcharge on almost every phone bill in the country.

The program is best known as the “Obamaphone” program, thanks to an eccentric Cleveland, Ohio Obama supporter who was videotaped last year referring to her “Obamaphone” as a reason for backing the president.

“The program was created in 1985 under President Ronald Reagan,” according to the LifeLineConnects website.

Read more about Tuesday’s video release exposing these employees and watch the full video here . ‘Obamaphones’ given to people promising to sell them for drugs, money [VIDEO]

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