Alabama politician considering launching congressional race from jail

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Former Alabama politician Stephen Nodine says he is seriously considering running for Congress even though he is a convicted felon and still serving time in jail.

The former Mobile County Commissioner is seeking redemption after a nightmarish three years of being put on trial for the murder of his mistress and serving time in federal prison for a gun offense. He has long maintained his innocence and blamed politics for his prosecution.

While a jury failed to reach a verdict in the murder case against him, Nodine is currently serving time in a county jail after accepting a plea bargain to lesser charges.

Nodine, who is on work release during the day but in jail at night, spends much of his time on social media, arguing his innocence and attempting to rehabilitate his image.

On Wednesday, the colorful politician said in an email that he will consider running for the congressional seat left vacant by the resignation of Alabama Rep. Jo Bonner.

“I know some will be skeptical of my interest in this congressional race after wrongfully being accused of crimes, drug abuse and personal mistakes,” he admitted Wednesday.

Nodine added: “All I ask is for a second chance to serve the citizens of South Alabama.”

In his email to several reporters, Nodine listed his accomplishments while in office, including recovery efforts after Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina. He boasted of economic development experience and his actions to “take on BP” after the oil spill in 2010.

If elected to Congress, Nodine vowed to work to lessen regulatory burdens, increase infrastructure and bring businesses to the area. He also said he would work to reform the country’s justice system.

“I have lived through a devastating chapter of my life, seeing first hand what an out of control Justice System can do to an innocent persons life,” he said.

Nodine told The Daily Caller he would campaign heavily on social media, where he was been aggressive in promoting news stories and national television appearances that have been questioned whether he was wrongly prosecuted.

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