Glenn Beck preaches to tea party choir

Caitlin McClure Contributor
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Glenn Beck addressed a passionate audience on the steps of the Capitol Wednesday, declaring God, freedom, truth and justice to be essential values for tea party movement.

Alongside speakers at the tea party’s “Audit the IRS” rally, including prominent Republicans Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Mike Lee of Utah and Ted Cruz of Texas, and Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, Beck removed himself from the political specifics of today and instead offered an alternative view for the direction of the country based in the idea of American exceptionalism.

“Our forbears came to these shores not for free stuff but for freedom,” Beck pronounced.

Speaking of freedom as a concept that has disintegrated in the face of recent political controversies, Beck reminded his audience of the importance of individualism as the founding principle of our nation.

“It happens every time man says the collective is more important than the right of the individual. The one phrase becomes in the end — every time — a license to kill anyone deemed standing in the way of progress,” he said.

Beck aligned the current struggles of the conservative right with those of great figures throughout history to protect basic rights of mankind.

“[Frederick Douglas] knew God did not make men masters over others. Nor did he ever intend any man to impose unrighteous dominion over another man or beast. It is time we remind ourselves of this truth again,” Beck said.

“Whatever the reason, too many are no longer willing to call evil by its name,” Beck added. “We will no longer accept the lies, the corruption, or the information and data gathering. It is evil.”

Beck called for a new generation of great leaders to emerge and put the country back on the path of greatness by reestablishing the meaning of American freedom and justice for all.

“We must realign ourselves with truth and rise up and stand. Honor, courage and love are what is required and they are contagious. Spread the word and proclaim liberty throughout the land.”

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