How to choose a baby name the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West way

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Are you having trouble coming up with a name for your newborn child? Do you, all of your siblings and your significant other have names that start with the same letter of the alphabet? Then follow this simple guide for naming a baby the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West way.

First, pick a word. Any word. It can be a proper noun, an adjective or even an adverb, if you are really avant garde.

Then, take the letter of your first name (which also happens to be the same letter as all of your sibling’s names as well as that of your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, as we already established) and replace the first letter of the random word you chose in the previous paragraph with that letter!

See, it’s a no brainer. Literally.

Since Kim and Kanye have reportedly yet to finalize a baby name — although a hospital nurse allegedly told a tabloid that they decided to name her Kaidence — let’s help them out.

Here are some baby names we came up, some out of thin air and some just by looking around the room and replacing the name of the thing with the letter “K.”

  • Komputer
  • Kup
  • Koat
  • Kandy
  • Kalendar
  • Konference 
  • Konstitution
  • Karefree
  • Konstantinople
  • Kanye West (because he totally would)

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