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‘Born-free American woman’ Becky Gerritson confronts her government [VIDEO]

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Becky Gerritson says she is not a Republican or a Democrat, but rather an independent who has only been active in politics since 2008.

Last month, Gerritson became the face and voice of those tea partiers who were victimized by the Internal Revenue Service when the powerful government agency targeted tea party and other conservative groups.

“I’m not here as a serf or a vassal,” said Gerritson, the president of the Wetumka Tea Party in Alabama, choking up as she testified before the House Ways and Means Committee last month. “I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born-free American woman, wife, mother and citizen, and I’m telling my government that you’ve forgotten your place.”

Since the hearing, Gerritson says her Facebook and Twitter feeds have been flooded with appreciation from regular citizens who heard themselves crying out to an out-of-control federal government. In fact, the reaction to her statement was so overwhelmingly positive that she wore a new pink t-shirt which declared she was a “born-free American woman” when she spoke last week at the U.S. Capitol at the “Audit the IRS” rally in Washington.

In this interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Gerritson continued to lash out against a government she doesn’t believe Americans can trust any longer.

“I feel the biggest threat right now is knowing that our federal government can target citizens because they have a different political view or because they have a different religious view,” she said. “That is really scary to think about because our country was founded on something completely different. We’re seeing the fundamental change President Obama was talking about.”

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