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Did Jim Carrey just kick his own ass, legally speaking?

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Yesterday, that rapidly aging professional spastic distanced himself from Kick-Ass 2 because it’s so violent. He knows this because Kick-Ass was really violent. And also because he commits some of the acts of violence depicted in the sequel, in return for which he was paid more money than you will ever see in your life.

And now that he’s on record as saying nobody should own guns — or only his bodyguards should own guns, or whatever — he can’t in good conscience subject himself to a bunch of questions about why he’s such a huge hypocrite. So he’s not going to promote the movie.

What happens now? Tell us, FOX411!

Jim Carrey injected himself into the headlines this week when he took to Twitter to blast his forthcoming comic-inspired super-hero flick “Kick Ass 2.” Carrey withdrew his support for the Chloe Moretz-starring movie because he filmed it “a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience (he) cannot support that level of violence…”

“Publicity, promotion and marketing are just as important to the success of a film as the quality of the film itself, and it is crucial for a distributor to tightly control all aspects of the branding and imaging of the film,” Hollywood producer Gary Michael Walters told FOX411 Pop Tarts column. “The support of the actors and director in promoting a film is extremely helpful, indeed vital, and studios and financers almost always require their key talent to do a certain amount of publicity for their movies…”


Others doubt anything Carrey says or does will have any effect on the film’s success or lack thereof.

“The studio system minds know that the current PG-13/R crowd has no idea who Jim is or the movies and TV shows that he is famous for. There is nothing he could say publicly that could sway the crowds – the entire publicity is built on Chloe Moretz, her ‘Hit Girl’ character and the ‘Kick Ass’ title,” a movie insider added. “The studio could cut Jim’s scenes from the film entirely and the audience wouldn’t know the difference. I don’t think anyone respects his voice anymore because Hollywood knows his Hollywood stock has dropped tremendously.”

Ouch. One minute you’re delighting hundreds of Americans with your standout performance in The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, and the next minute you’re out in the cold. Hollywood is a cruel and unforgiving place.

I’m calling it right now: Ace Ventura Returns. It would be funny because Jim Carrey is funny.

Jim Carrey is funny.

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