DNC quickly fundraises off Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision

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Within hours of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Voting Rights Act the Democratic National Committee posted a petition and began fundraising off the decision.

Tuesday, the court struck down a portion of the Voting Rights Act and called on Congress to enact a new manner of determining which states and localities’ voting laws require permission from the federal government.

In an email to supporters, Donna Brazile — the vice-chair for Voter Registration and Participation for the Democratic National Committee — called the decision an “injustice” and warned that the voting access “threats are real.”

“In the last few years, Republicans have dramatically stepped up their efforts to limit voting access,” she wrote in the email. “They’ve tried passing restrictive voter ID laws, cutting back early-voting hours, and eliminating same-day voter registration. The list goes on.”

Brazile called on supporters to add their name to the DNC’s petition, which reads, “The Supreme Court has struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act. This is disappointing, but the fight is not over. Stand with Democrats who are fighting to protect the right to vote for every American.”

The petition, once signed, takes the visitor to a donation page.

“Donate now to make sure that Democrats have the resources they need,” the petition page reads.

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