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“Think” “Progress” speaks for those who’ve been silenced: college grads with jobs that are beneath them

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Can there be progress without thought? One Kirsten Gibson, “guest blogger” at “Think” “Progress,” gives it the ol’ college try:

College Graduates Take Jobs They Don’t Want Every 5 Minutes

More than 120,000 college graduates who obtained a bachelor’s degree took jobs in fields other than those that they most preferred last year, which works out to an unwanted job taken every five minutes.

The numbers come from a recent report from McKinsey On Society, an online publishing forum for the consulting firm’s research on pressing social issues. The report says that 48 percent of college graduates took a job that required less than a four-year degree…

In an interview with the Huffington Post, a recent college graduate, exasperated, said she’d take any job offered. “My ultimate goal right now is just to get a full-time job that has benefits; I don’t care if it’s in my field,” she said.

This is truly devastating news, assuming you were born after 1990. The rest of us are quite familiar with this dilemma. It’s called graduating from college.

You get pushed out into the real world. You take crappy jobs you don’t like, so you can pay your bills. You look for a better job. You tough it out. You strive. You learn. You grow. You make — ahem — progress.

Or… you don’t. It’s all up to you. Occupy as many streets as you want, but it’s nobody’s problem but yours.

Hell, it took me almost [REDACTED] years after graduating from college to find a job I really liked. I just didn’t have “Think” “Progress” to listen to me whine about it.

Oh, but wait! Here’s the punchline:

Kirsten Gibson is an intern for ThinkProgress.

And clearly, she’s thrilled about it. Hang in there, Ms. Gibson. It could be worse.

It could be HuffPo.

(Hat tip: Mike Riggs)

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