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30% of Americans agree: Bloomberg should make our nutritional decisions for us

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Have a Coke and a smile. While you still can.


Americans, by 69% to 30%, say they would vote against a law that limits the size of soft drinks and other sugary beverages served in restaurants to no more than 16 ounces.

These data are from a June 15-16 Gallup poll, conducted as New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration is appealing a lower-court ruling in March that struck down his proposed 16-ounce limit on sugary beverages in the city’s restaurants…

Bloomberg and other supporters of this proposal argue that it will help reduce diabetes and obesity rates, while critics say it represents a “nanny-state government” trying to police the choices individuals make in their everyday lives, such as what to consume in a restaurant.

But is it really worth being able to make such decisions for yourself, if it thwarts a diminutive billionaire autocrat’s fascistic need to meddle in the lives of his subjects? I mean, have you seen the abs on that Bloomberg guy? I’m seriously asking. They must be under there somewhere…

I’m glad 30% of us can still see through all that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” nonsense. What good is that stupid idea — which is from a dead white guy, BTW — if it means other people get to make personal choices I don’t like?

Small Cokes for everyone! And, eventually, no one.

Except Bloomie.

(Hat tip: Geoffrey Norman)

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