26 percent of Obama supporters believe tea party is America’s top terror threat

Gabe Finger Contributor
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In a new Rasmussen poll of likely voters released Thursday, President Obama’s supporters are pretty evenly split concerning whether the tea party or radical Muslims pose the greater threat of terrorism in America.

Twenty-six percent of people who approve of President Barack Obama’s job performance view the tea party as the United States’ top terror threat, compared to 29 percent who view radical Islam as the greatest concern.

A plurality of those who “strongly approve” of Obama’s performance believe the tea party poses a greater threat of terrorism than radical Muslims, or any other group.

The tea party has never committed an act of terror.

Among all likely voters, 51 percent view radical Muslims as the nation’s top terror threat, vastly outnumbering the 13 percent who name the tea party, 6 percent who say local militia groups, 2 percent most concerned by Occupy Wall Street, and another 13 percent who answered “other.”

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