A young woman’s tears of blood leave doctors stumped

Maggie Lit Contributor
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Tears of blood have left a young Chilean woman in “indescribable” pain as doctors scramble for answers.

20-year-old Yaritza Oliva inexplicably bleeds from her eyes on an average of three times a day and is believed to have a rare condition called haemolacria, where blood appears in tears.

Pink eye, conjunctivitis and a simple eye infection have been considered but are not believed to be the cause.

In an interview with 24 Horas,Olivia expressed despair about her affliction.

“Nobody knows what to give me. Do not know what I have. Do not know why me,” she said.

Doctors have prescribed Oliva eye drops, but to her dismay, they have been a wholly ineffective treatment. Oliva and her family are hoping that they are able to raise enough money to go see a specialist in search of a solution to her problem.

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