Chinese tourist finds and returns a bag of diamonds worth $32 million

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Chinese tourist and jewelry enthusiast Fu Zhuli made a surprising find during her visit to Hong Kong‘s Jewelry & Gem Fair: a forgotten bag of diamonds worth a cool $32 million (HK$250 million).

“I went to the cafe to take a rest and have some chocolate ice-cream. I saw two foreigners chatting…after a while, they left – empty-handed. After a while, when the cleaners came to take the rubbish out, I realized there was a black bag at the foot of their table,” she said of finding the bag, according to the South China Morning Post. 

She correctly identified the men as Israeli, and headed to pick up the bag so she could return it to them. She told the SCMP that she looked inside and found the bag was full of  “good quality, soy-bean-sized roughs” — diamonds that she estimated were worth between $130,104 to $65,052 each.

Fai decided to guard the bag at the cafe and wait for the foreigners to return, wrote IDEX news— and sure enough, one of the Israeli men came rushing back to the scene.

“The shirt on his back was soaked with sweat, and his face was pale. He rushed in and saw the bag with me and leaned forward, uttered some incoherent words and kept bowing and saying ‘thank you’ in Putonghua,” she said, according to IDEX.

She said that she reprimanded him “for being so careless and leaving something so precious behind.”

“I never thought of doing that, I just felt like [the men] would come back to get it so I just sat there and waited,” said Fu to the Shenzhen Daily, noting that she is a Christian, and her husband is a police officer, according to the SCMP.

“I am a very honest, simple person and I believe in sincerity.”


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