Glenn Greenwald ‘hit piece’ slammed on Twitter

Charles Rollet Contributor
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As the debate rages over whether Edward Snowden’s personal life is relevant to the NSA spying program he revealed, the journalist who published Snowden’s leaks, Glenn Greenwald, has had his personal life scrutinized as well.

Two articles came out yesterday about Greenwald’s past. One, by Buzzfeed writer Jessica Testa, was mostly praised for its description of Greenwald. However, the other article, published by the New York Daily News, was slammed as a “hit piece.”

The article revealed Greenwald was sued by a porn business he dealt with as a consultant in 2002. The business’ owner said Greenwald called him “a good little whore” and “a little bitch” in emails, claims which Greenwald denied.

The article also reported that Greenwald has unpaid back taxes and was once sued for having a dog that was bigger than his apartment’s by-laws allowed.

The rather mild nature of the revelations, particularly regarding Greenwald’s dog drama, sparked a sarcastic twitter hashtag, #ggscandals.




Even the former Chief Prosecutor of Guantanamo Bay, Colonel Morris Davis, joined in.


A minor Twitter controversy also erupted over the article’s author, Dareh Gregorian, after Politico’s Maggie Haberman defended him from accusations he was smearing Greenwald.


Gregorian is Haberman’s husband.


But Politico’s Glenn Thrush came to Haberman’s defense.


In a Guardian piece preempting the articles, Greenwald wrote, “If journalists really believe that, in response to the reporting I’m doing, these distractions about my past and personal life are a productive way to spend their time, then so be it.”

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