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Sarah Silverman’s latest edgy, transgressive, groundbreaking witticism

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If you don’t know who Sarah Silverman is, there’s no particular reason you should, and you can safely skip this post.

For the other 12-15 of you: Yesterday the noted comedian(?) tweeted the following, which she has since deleted. Note that in the interest of historical preservation, I’m not going to blur out the word she uses here:


Hey, look, everybody! It’s a cute lady saying something outrageous! I miss the ’90s too.

And then what happened?

There’s no point telling Sarah Silverman to “stay classy” or any of the usual attempts at shaming. This is her whole act. She says sick, stupid, outrageous things in a cutie-pie voice, and then she pauses for laughter. And her act actually worked, for a while. I’m sure she looks back on those days fondly.

For more on this latest liberal double standard — Silverman will not get the Paula Deen treatment, but we can point out her stupidity anyway — see the indefatigable Twitchy.

P.S. I don’t mean to say Silverman’s whole career has been a waste. She was great in The Way of the Gun!

P.P.S. Dana Loesch has more. Like the Perrys, Silverman has painted over the racial slur. Unlike the Perrys, Silverman was the one who put it there in the first place.

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