Retired Conn. Marine says he flies Nazi flag to protest Obama, not Jews

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A homeowner in Stratford, Conn., Joseph Sincavage, has sparked controversy and confusion by flying a swastika flag outside his home. Sincavage says he is doing so not because he is anti-Semitic, but rather because he disapproves of the Obama administration, the Stratford Star reports.

“I have no animosity toward Jewish people,” said Sincavage, a 73-year-old retired Marine. “They too are being given an unfair deal by President Obama. The founder of my religion was a Jew.”

The other flags adorning his house are the American flag, the flag of the Marines and the flag of the Vatican. He has bought an Israeli flag online to display as well, so that he can make it clear that his intentions are not ethnically driven.

Sincavage said that he “didn’t realize people would take it as offensive,” and doesn’t want Jewish people to “think I’m mad at them or anything like that.”

Sincavage says that he chose the Nazi flag to symbolize the totalitarian state he believes the country is becoming.

“I am going to keep flying (the Nazi flag) until Obama changes his policies, resigns or gets impeached,” he said. “I am going to stay with it on the basis of my First Amendment rights.”

Other neighbors have told him that although they disagree with Nazi sentiment, they support his First Amendment rights.

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